niall horan ships it more than you do analysis

can i tell you guys about my elaborate and probably most likely definitely legit headcanon okay cool so niall horan is for sure the #1 larry stylinson shipper in the world.

he’s been following their love story and character progression and complex narrative arcs since the very beginning (unlike you directionators out there u kno who u r) and niall such a goober that they immediately became his otp4lyfe.

check this shit out

this is the first time they’re put together as a band and you may think that niall’s excited because he’s not going home but it’s also because louis/harry are in each other’s arms. niall doesn’t know who they are yet really but he can feel it in his gut and also in his heart and his soul that he’ll grow emotionally invested in their relationship. that’s why he does a happy bunny hop obvi

his otp feels are practically tangible!!! look at how amused and excited he is!! front row seats to his favorites basically doing it on camera oh man it’s every shipper’s dream aw yeah you lucky shit, niall. bet he got some good fanfic inspiration after that

being louis/harry’s spokesperson is niall’s self appointed dream job right after professional larry stylinson fanvid creator

whoa whoa larry haters, niall is nhft!!! this is the hurt and offended face niall probably makes when people don’t ship it I mean LOOK, LOOK AT HARRY’S HEART EYES AND LOUIS’ HAIR TOUCHING, NIALL (has) COULD WRITE VIVID PROSE ABOUT THOSE HEART EYES AND HAIR TOUCHING

"wow the lights sure are bri—OH HEY GUISE what r u whispering about is it something to do with louis’ growing erection u should tell me it’s not like i’ll blog about it on my sekrit larry tumblr or anything"

the interviewer’s like OH SHIT IS THIS RLY HAPPENING and niall’s just craning his head to get a better look. I’m sure sees them go at it like, every day but nope, never gets old for niall

excuse me young lady, harry is spoken for and if you break up niall’s otp he will claw your face off like a magic irish pixie.

nothing makes niall smile bigger than being right in between that sexual tension. management was like ‘someone needs to sit between harry and louis or else they will for sure tear each other’s clothes off’ and niall was like ‘I VOLUNTEER’ katniss everdeen style 

there you have it, niall ships larry stylinson and if you think you’re a bigger larry fan than he is, you are wrong. if you disagree with anything in this post, you are also wrong and you probably smell too thank you for your time

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    I never realized this. I’ve always focused on Harry and Louis alone in these analyses.
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    there you have it, niall ships larry stylinson and if you think you’re a bigger larry fan than he is, you are wrong. if...
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