a zayn being protective of harry type of post

defending his character

defending his good name

this interview is awesome because it’s funny hah but also because zayn goes ON AND ON DEFENDING HARRY LOL it’s sweet because harry seems genuinely uncomfortable and zaynis there to the rescue. here’s a transcript via tumblr user swoondirection:

  • host: ”is it true that harry has a flirting rou—-“
  • zayn: ”yeah, yeah.”
  • host: ”is he?”
  • zayn: ”he’s just a smooth guy. he’s just cool, man. he - he just knows what he’s doin’ and he executes it well. he’s very good.”
  • host: ”so, harry, are you the sort of guy to ‘oh, i’ll have a little look around’ or do you know straight away?
  • harry: ”i don’t - i don’t, like, look around…”
  • zayn: ”no, but i think it’s fair to say if you do fancy a bird and like, if you were interested, you’re alright at pullin’, aren’t ya?”

moving on

Interviewer (to Harry): Oh, really? Your the womanizer right? The guy who likes the ladies?  and then zayn goes: 

and the interviewer is like “No, you don’t get to answer, he has to answer” and ZAYN STILL ANSWERS LOL:


it’s pretty great because all these interviews including the scan from The Sun before the cut happened in the last month or so. It’s like something in Zayn SNAPPED and he’s SICK AND TIRED of the LIES AND SLANDER that follow Harry around everywhere so he has to SAY SOMETHING in order to DEFEND HIM. 

anyway here are some gifs and pictures that sort of fit with the PROTECTIVE ZAYN theme but are mostly just eye candy 

zayn’s hand on harry’s back: 

defensive stance, says you can look but don’t touch him only I can~*~

the arch of harry’s back and the placement of zayn’s hand i

zayn’s hand on harry’s booty:

this gesture screams ‘mine, only I can penetrate this’ I know this for a fact because my uncle’s cousin’s boyfriend twice removed is an expert in body language and also got a degree in psychology in 1999 so he knows what he’s talking about

zayn’s arms wrapped around harry:

'thanks buddy, I'll take him from here' -zayn

and another angle:

he’s looking right at the camera as if DARING anyone to call Harry a womanizer

zayn’s hand/arm on harry’s shoulders: 

so tender so precious

protective with a side of POSSESSIVE just how I like it

don’t even get me STARTED with this. harry is like zayn’s little kitten. speaking of which…


okay that’s it that’s the post. I’ll leave you with harry looking smug because zayn’s got his back, literally and figuratively

go ahead and besmirch harry’s character in zayn’s presence, I DARE YOU 

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